10. Tyger Valley College

At Tyger Valley College, we provide education for the child in totality, and we do this within a Christian based social, intellectual and physical milieu. In addition, we strive towards the development of the community and the College as an integral whole and part of that community.

We create a sound educational institution where each and every pupil can develop to their full potential, equipped with an unshakable relationship with his/her Creator, a positive self image and values such as love, respect, honesty, loyalty, self-discipline, humility, kindness and perseverance. We will enable each child to enter into and engage with life as an independent and well-rounded human being.

9. Queens Private School

Queens Private School provides a safe and secure environment for its students. The teachers are highly qualified and experts in their specialised subjects. Queens Private School boasts exceptional management and academic excellence with a 100% matric pass rate in 2014.

They also provide the opportunity for students to take part in a range of sport and cultural activities.

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