North-West University (NWU) Courses and Requirements

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Mafikeng Campus

This Campus has five academic faculties with a total of 14 schools and various centres.

Agriculture, Science and Technology
– School of Agricultural Sciences
– School of Environmental and Health Sciences
– School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
– Centre for Applied Radiation and Technology

Commerce and Administration
– Graduate School of Business and Government Leadership
– School of Management Sciences
– School of Accounting
– School of Economic and Decision Sciences
– Centre for Business and Management
– Municipal Leadership Training Academy

Education and Training
– School for Teacher Education and Training
– School for Educational Leadership and Development
– Centre for Teacher Development

Human and Social Sciences
– School of Human Sciences (including Programmes in Theology)
– School of Social Sciences
– School of Postgraduate Studies and Research

– School of Undergraduate Studies
– School of Postgraduate Studies
– Community Law Centre

Potchefstroom Campus

This Campus has eight faculties with more than 30 schools and centres.


– School of Languages
– School of Social and Government Studies
– School of Music
– School of Communication Studies
– School of Philosophy

Natural Sciences
– School of Physical and Chemical Sciences
– School of Biological Sciences
– School of Geo- and Spatial Sciences
– School of Computer, Statistical and Mathematical Sciences
– Centre for Business Mathematics and Informatics
– Centre for Environmental Management
– Centre for Human Metabonomics

– School of Ancient Language and Text Studies 
– School of Ministers’ Training
– School of Biblical Counseling and  Church Ministry
– Greenwich School of Theology

Education Sciences
– School of Human and Social Sciences for Education
– School for Education Studies
– School of Natural Sciences and Technology for Education
– Research in Education Sciences

Economic and Management Sciences
– Potchefstroom Business School
– School of Accounting Sciences
– School of Economics
– School of Business Management
– School of Human Resource Sciences

 Faculty of Law
– Law Clinic
– Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal (PER)
– NWU Students Law Review

– School of Chemical and Minerals Engineering
– School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
– School of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
– Industrial Engineering
– Electromechanical Engineering

Health Sciences
– School of Biokinetics, Recreation and Sport Science
– School of Pharmacy
– Subject Group – Physiology
– Subject Group – Nutrition
– Subject Group – Consumer Sciences
– School of Psychosocial Behavioural Sciences
– School of Nursing
– BHSc in Occupational Hygiene

Unit for Open Distance Learning

  • Teaching
  • Nursing
  • Theology
  • Short Learning Programmes
  • Preparatory Programmes
  • Policing Practice

Vaal Triangle Campus

This Campus has two faculties with seven schools.


– School of Behavioural Sciences
– School of Languages
– School of Basic Sciences
– School of Education Sciences

Economic Sciences and Information Technology
– School of Accounting Sciences
– School of Information Technology
– School of Economic Sciences

NWU Admission Requirements

Requirements / APS

The admission requirements for NWU differ slightly depending on which campus you are applying to.

For a detailed breakdown of the admission requirements and APS scores, follow this link to the campus-specific requirements for studies.