Nataliey Patricia Bitature

Nataliey Patricia Bitature

Bitature is smart, driven and humble. Born on October 28, 1989 at Paddington Hospital, London to Patrick and Carol Bitature, the stunning entrepreneur grew up in Kampala and attended school in South Africa for a year before moving back to England to complete the rest of her education.

She graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Education from Keele University. Before innovation took over, she worked as the chief business development officer for Tateru Properties and Handy256Men Uganda.

She is hailed as one of the most inspirational women in African for her Musana Cart, an environmentally-friendly, solar-powered vending cart. Each cart, according to Bitature, saves 3,000 tonnes of carbon emissions and improves the health of cities by eliminating pollution from charcoal and kerosene stoves.

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