Haruna Mwanga

Mwanga comes off as a very polished, well-educated intelligent man with strong filial bonds. Most people outside the rich circles might not have heard of Mwanga because he tends to keep close to home. However, in a crowd of monied people, he stands out with his extra sharp suits and designer shoes.

Officially, he is Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige’s assistant, confidante, sounding board and advisor on everything modern and trendy.

Alexander Akandwanaho

Alexander Akandwanaho

Gen. Salim Saleh’s first born is the youngest Ugandan to ever own an airline. Back in the 90s when he was just a minor, Akandwanaho and his mother Jovial Saleh owned their own airline aptly named Air Alexander.

Decades later, a grown-up Akandwanaho is known in Kampala social circles for his hard partying lifestyle and fast posh cars.

Although he has various business interests, currently he seems to have heeded his father’s rallying cry for farming and started his own poultry farm.

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