The universe has been incredibly generous to some people who made billions from their years of hard work and dedication, and sometimes out of pure luck or simply from being born into money. Australia, meanwhile, is no stranger to billionaires, with more than 30 of them calling Down Under home.

But just who is the wealthiest person in the country? And just how much are they worth? Join us as we count down the 10 richest people in Australia!

10. Mike Cannon-Brookes

Net Worth

$3.5 Billon

Cannon-Brookes is cofounder of collaboration software firm Atlassian, based in Sydney, Australia.

He and co-CEO Scott Farquhar started the company soon after graduating from college, funding it with credit cards.

Atlassian, which has no sales team, boasts NASA, Tesla and SpaceX as customers.

In 2017 Cannon-Brookes started working with Elon Musk to bring Musk’s battery technology to southern Australia, which was suffering a power crisis.

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