The Tshwane University of Technology [TUT] Online Application

The South African government is working tirelessly to ensure that it is an educated nation. Establishment of institutions of higher learning is one of the strategies that the government has taken to ensure that it makes education accessible to its citizens. The Tshwane University of Technology is one of the most reliable residential universities in the country. Knowing the procedure of TUT online application process is vital, especially for prospective students.


Most institutions have different modes of application for prospective students. There are those that allow students to do the process manually, others insist on the online process, whereas there are those that allow for both manual and online application. The Tshwane University of Technology provides for both online and manual options of sending your request. Each one of the two options has guidelines that the prospective student is expected to fulfil. Being knowledgeable about the TUT online application and requirements is essential.

Online application at TUT

Tshwane University of Technology allows for two modes of application for one to secure a chance in the university. You can go for the TUT apply online method or choose to manually fill in the application forms. 

TUT application form

Filling in the University of Tshwane application form is the first step towards securing a chance at the university. Regardless of whether your application is manual or you wish to apply online at TUT, you will be required to submit a duly filled form. The deadline for submission of the document is dependent on the faculty that one is enrolling for. For instance, the last submission date for the forthcoming intake is 31st July. 

There are three types of conditions that one could use for the online application;

  • Those applying for admission only.
  • Those applying for admission and financial support.
  • Those applying for admission and residence.

Each one of these conditions has a specific page of the whole document that they are required to fill in. For instance, for those who are applying for admission only, they are required to fill in section A and the eighth section of the document. For those applying for financial support besides admission, they are required to fill in section A and C, and the eighth page of the same document. For those applying for residence, they are required to fill in section A and B, and the eighth page of the document. 

Section A

This is the first page of the document. Here, the prospective student is expected to fill in details of the options of programmes that they wish to enrol for. The order of the programmes depends on their order of priority. They will also be required to specify the campus and the proposed mode of study that they wish to enrol for. In case of any inquiries, the following page of the document provides a summary of all the information that one might require to know. From the third to the seventh page of the document, the prospective student is expected to fill in their personal details. 

Upon submitting the duly filled in TUT application forms, one is expected to pay the stipulated charges. The TUT application fee is R220. These charges are non-refundable. For online TUT applications, the prospective students are expected to deposit the fee at the ABSA Bank. The account number where funds are to be deposited is; 04 000 0003. While making the deposit, on the Reference column, one is required to fill their national identification number. Upon submitting the form, one should attach the deposit slip with the form. The process of TUT online registration is as simple as that. 

Does TUT accept late applications?

This is one question whose answer is circumstantial. Late applications will only be considered for cases where there are vacancies in the concerned programmes. Prospective students are, therefore, advised to make good use of the stipulated time frame to avoid any forms of inconveniences that are likely to arise from making their applications late. 

TUT online applications requirements

Just like the manual application, the TUT online registration has a set of requirements that one should fulfil before they proceed for the process of filling in the forms to apply at TUT. Each faculty has a stipulated list of requirements that one should meet for them to qualify to apply for the programmes. 

Does TUT allow walk-ins?

The Tshwane University of Technology has made the online application TUT easily accessible and more reliable. For those who wish to do the manual TUT applications, they can also do so through the stipulated procedures. Prospective students should bear in mind that TUT does not allow for walk-ins.

If you experience difficulties in any of the TUT applications, the university has fully functional TUT contact details that you could contact for help. The contact details are:

  • Phone number; +27 (0) 12 382 4414/4922

A prospective student could also contact the university through the TUT email address. 

One could also use the contact details to inquire about the viability of late application at TUT before they proceed to fill in the documents manually or going through the process of TUT online registration. 

The South African government finds pride in seeing its citizens educated. The Tshwane University of Technology is one of the institutions where one can enrol in and pursue their programmes of choice in higher learning. The institution has introduced the TUT online application process as one way of appreciating technology. The steps towards ensuring that the process is a success have been stipulated and made to sound easier than going through the manual application process.