Sweden is universally known as a haven for social welfare and high living standards. The country, situated in Northern Europe, boasts some of the best benefits in the world. For instance, parents get 480 days of paid leave for each child, free healthcare, unlimited sick days, and subsidised daycare for their children. Despite high tax rates, workers in this Scandinavian country enjoy some of the highest salaries in the EU and great perks. So there is a lot of money to be made working in Sweden, especially if you have the right job.

To help you figure out which are the highest earning jobs in Sweden, I have created this list based on data from Salary Explorer. Here are the highest paid jobs in Sweden:

(Salaries are displayed annually)

10. Mathematician

696,000 SEK (£53,674)

Responsibilities: Mathematicians use advanced mathematics to develop and understand mathematical principles, analyse data, and solve real-world problems.

Key skills/traits: Mathematicians require analytical skills as they need to be precise and accurate in their analysis of large amounts of data. They should also be able to devise new solutions to problems and propose solutions to people who may not have extensive knowledge of mathematics.

Education: Depending on the industry and employer, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in mathematics is required plus a few years of relevant work experience. If you are pursuing an academic position, you will definitely need a doctorate in a relevant area of mathematics.

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