If you’re a fan of the Jurassic Park book and movie series, you probably associate Costa Rica with the fictitious islands of Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna (Site B), where John Hammond went about cloning dinosaurs. However, Costa Rica is known for other things than being the setting where Wayne Knight’s character Dennis Nedry sold stolen dinosaur embryos to InGen’s rivals, namely its culture, natural marvels and for the world’s largest oxcart.

Though Costa Rica proudly boasts a line of historical cultural and political figures, here are the five most famous ticos and ticas (costa ricans) of modern times that created their own inspirational success stories.

10. Joel Campbell

Joel Nathaniel Campbell Samuels is a famous professional footballer from Costa Rica who currently plays for Sporting Clube de Portugal (on loan from Arsenal) and the Costa Rica national football team. Even though his position is as a forward, he can also play on the wing.

As a professional football player, he has earned 50 caps for Costa Rica since his international debut in 2011 and was also selected for that year’s CONCACAF Gold Cup and Copa America.

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