10. Izabella Scorupco


Izabella Scorupco is a Swedish model, singer and actress best known for her featured role as the Bond girl in the James Bonds serial movie “GoldenEye” in 1995. She first starred in the movie “Nobody can like Us” when the director Staffan Hildebrand met her and brought her to film cast.

She also has a brief and successful career as the singer where she released the album IZA which becomes gold certified in Sweden. Izabella Scourpco estimated net worth is US $ 5 million

9. Alicia Vikander


She is a dancer and actress who started her career from the stage production at the age of seven. She starts her professional acting career from a short Swedish television drama Andre Avenya.

She made her film debut in the movie Pure in 2010 for which she receives the best actress Guldbagge Award and also receives the shooting star award in the Berlin film festival. Her other major appearance included the film “A Royal Affair” for which she wins the Academy award. Alicia Vikander estimated net worth is US $ 5 million.

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