In this day and age that is 2014 your success is measured by the material things you own and not always by your professional achievements. It’s always cool to see what celebrities spend their money on and what they get up to when they’re not doing their daily jobs.

This time around we’ve picked a specific pack of celebrities that we think a large number of you may be interested in. South African soccer stars, always in the lime light for the wins and girls and never for their achievements.

Check Out Top 10 South African Soccer Stars And Their Cars!

Teko Modise…

Teko Modise has always been know for the love he has for his cars. The Midfielder has even been selected to be a part of a new reality TV show called Diski Drive where soccer stars get to test drive the coolest ranges of cars and then give reviews on every car they drive. Must be nice being Teko Modise, no?

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