How to Register at University of Johannesburg

UJ Registration – How to register at University of Johannesburg

University of Johannesburg (UJ) invites prospective students who applied to study for this year academic year to register online or at UJ campuses namely, Soweto Campus, Doornfontein Campus, Bunting Campus, Auckland Park Campus.


Registration Information:


  • Popular qualifications will only be available for registration until 25 January (except FEFS – 20/01/ )
  • List of popular programmes
  • Only First Year students will need to come onto campus to collect their student cards.
  • In order to gain access to campus you will need your printed proof of registration and an ID or driver’s license.
  • Access cards for senior students will be automatically activated after registration.
  • If you are under the age of 18 on 09 January , you and your parent/guardian should sign THIS AGREEMENT FORM and submit this completed form to the Faculty during the First Year Seminar.
  • All students will have to register online and offsite from 07 January until:
    • 25 January (new students)  
    • 01 February (returning students)
    • Popular qualifications will only be available for registration until 18 January (List of popular programmes)

How to register?

If youve applied to study a and have been accepted admission, click here to register online.

* Refer to faculty registration letter for further details on closing dates.

For your convenience please make use of the UJ call centre 011 559 4555 or alternatively you can use our online chat facility.


TitleGPS CoordinatesCampus Address
Auckland Park Bunting Road CampusS26 11 25.5 E28 01 09.5Bunting Road, Auckland Park
Auckland Park Kingsway CampusS26 10 54.9 E27 59 53.9Corner Kingsway and University Road, Auckland Park
Bunting Road Faculty of Art, Design and ArchitectureBunting Road, Auckland Park
Doornfontein CampusS26 11 32.6 E28 03 28.9Cnr Siemert & Beit Streets, Doornfontein
Grasdak / Lapa
Kingsway, Bunting and Doornfontein Campuses
Kingsway, Bunting and Soweto Campuses
Kingsway, Bunting, Doornfontein and Soweto Campuses
School for Tourism and HospitalityBunting Road, Auckland Park
Soweto CampusS26 15 34.3 E27 55 26.3Old Potch, Road Soweto