University of Fort Hare [UFH] Online Application

Fort Hare is a South African based university. It is located in Alice, which is a small town on the eastern side of Cape Town. The institution has a remarkable reputation. This is because most of the African leaders passed through the university. For your information, Nelson Mandela and Julius Nyerere are alumni of the Fort Hare University. Due to its reputation, the institution has grown over time to become among the best in the world. Interestingly, the university has modernized its systems, making online applications possible. If you are in doubts, then you need to take part in the Fort Hare online application.


I cannot imagine how life could have been if not for technology. Imagine queuing in a line from 8 am to 6 pm because of a university application. You know how irritating and tiring it can be at times. Honestly, we need to be thankful for technology, because nowadays, we only need a smartphone and an internet and that is it! The good news with Fort Hare application is that you can register for your favourite course by visiting the UFH student online portal. Below are a step-by-step guide and the requirements for applying for a course in the institution.

University of Fort Hare admission requirements

There are specific primary requirements that one has to meet before embarking on an online application. These requirements are mandatory and are particular to the level of education you wish to undertake. They are as explained below:

Bachelor’s Degree requirements

  • Applicants must be level 4 and above in English 1st Additional Language or
  • Level 3 and above in English Home Language
  • Level 4 and above in 4 of the credited subjects of the chosen list with the exemption of Life Orientation
  • One should have a rating of 4 on NSC
  • An applicant must have a score of 50-59% in 4 subjects

Diploma course requirements

UFH online application requires applicants to have a:

  • rating of 3 on a pass in NSC
  • A minimum of 40%-49% in 4 subjects

Requirements for mature applicants

Applicants who turn 23 years during the registration year are the ones considered mature applicants. They qualify to be admitted in mainstream programs if they meet the first 3 Bachelor’s Degree requirements we had discussed earlier. An applicant of this nature is also required to seek exemption due to their condition through HESA. These applicants, if willing to take a degree course, need to make sure that out of 7 subjects, 4 subjects are in the designated subject list.

Senior certificate requirements (pre-2008)

For senior certificates, an applicant is required to have, at least, some level of knowledge in the English language. One should have not less than E symbol on SG; in HG English 1st language, a symbol of above F is required. For further studies, for instance, a degree, a matriculation equivalent is required.

Qualification requirements for applicants from outside South Africa

Undergraduate requirements

An applicant from outside South Africa seeking to study at Fort Hare Institute needs a certificate showing that he has been exempted from the Matriculation board of South Africa. Details on the exemptions are available on the board’s website, which is After verification of certain documents including certificates of educational qualifications, passport, and birth certificate, Fort Hare University hands over the application.

Postgraduate Requirements

Postgraduate applicants have to be verified by South Africa’s Qualifications Authority commonly known as (SAQA) before applying. One can always access the evaluation process which is available at

The process of selection and admission of students

  1. Selected students are contacted to receive their application forms from the Students Registration Office
  2. Once the students complete filling the forms, they are returned to the Student Registration Office and placed according to faculties.
  3. Selection is done in different faculties through a selection committee.
  4. Admission is then conducted based on high scores. The highest gets admitted first followed by others.

What does application without status mean?

Admission without status simply means that your admission is still in progress. Although they may not specify exactly what point your application has reached in the process, it means that your admission is still under consideration. This process may take a while since it is a law requirement, but you should not lose hope. It is vital to note that the results of the evaluation will depend on the results of your last Grade 12.

University of Fort Hare Online application process

  1. An aspiring student should ensure that they reached and presented the requirements we have outlined above. A non-refundable fee of R80 is then paid through Standard Bank branch in Alice. The branch code is 050119. You will also require an account name, which is the University of Fort Hare. The account number you will pay to is 282101357, and the reference is your name.
  2. Upon payment, a short message will be sent to you with information regarding the progress of your application. Later, a letter will be sent to verify the progress of your application.
  3. Concerning the performance of Grade 12, the already existing matriculates who have passed are immediately admitted. This is done while the admission board wait to receive their matric results.
  4. Finally, successful applicants receive a short message and a letter on the same with the registration guide. The registration guide shows the date of registration and the program they are registered in as well as dates and venues.

In an effort to improve the quality of service delivery, students are invited to register online. The University of Fort Hare student online portal is easy to maneuver. You only need a stable internet connection and you are good to go.

The University of Fort Hare has developed vastly over the years to become the best in the world. With such improvements, students can now apply for any course of their choice online. The process is not only time saving but also efficient. For further guidance, a student can access Fort Hare student online portal to find all the information regarding application and courses offered in the institution. Having outlined Fort Hare online application 2019 process and requirements, we hope that you will manage the process.